Asa Fe Kockum

Asa Fe Kockum

Swedish Society of Clinical Hypnosis

 I am an mental healthcare professional specialised in hypnotherapy, working as the director of ÅFK, a company focused on psychological support for organisations; organising social support, group interventions, crisis interventions, conflict resolution, training and supervising management teams, and individual support and therapy.  Also, teaching and training mental health professionals in hypnotherapeutic interventions and techniques. I am excited to be a part of enhancing, promoting, and increasing the understanding of hypnosis through ESH.

Stress and psychological trauma has been my focus for a long time and 2017 I published my first book, on stress – hypnotic exercises to change perceptions.

My main therapeutic approach is ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy/Training).

  • Previous President of SSCH, Swedish Society of Clinical Hypnosis
    ·      ESH BoD since 2014
    ·      Ego-state therapist, Supervisor and Trainer.
    ·      European Certificate of Hypnosis – ECH
    ·      BSc Behavioral Science
    ·      MSc Medical Science
    ·      Lic (reg) Psychotherapist by the Swedish National Board of Health
    ·      Supervisor and trainer in Psychotherapy and hypnosis