Martin Wall

Martin Wall

Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), London, England

 Qualified: University College Hospital London – Bachelor of Dental Surgery, 1972

President:  European Society of Hypnosis
Past President: Royal Society of Medicine, Section of Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine

He currently teaches at The Peninsular College of Medicine and Dentistry.

His professional interest in hypnosis centres both on its particular use in the treatment of Dental Anxiety and Phobias, but also on the everyday use of hypnotic phenomena to enhance and endorse, effective history taking, treatment planning, and management protocols.

His concerns within ESH are that we promote the efficacy of hypnosis to clinicians and the commissioning bodies in worldwide healthcare. In support of this endeavour we also need to encourage academic colleagues to engage in co-operative research. Consequently, he has been working over the last three years to inaugurate an MSc Hypnosis in Research, Medicine and Clinical Practice, this has now been approved and is accepting registrations.