Gérard FITOUSSI, France

ESH President Elect

Association Française d’Hypnose (AFHYP)

Dr Gérard Fitoussi is an MD and got his degree in medicine at Paris University and his medical training at the Paris Pitié-Salpêtriere Hospital. He is the President of the European Hypnosis Society.

He first trained in hypnosis and systemic therapy with the Gregory Bateson institute in the 90.

And since then was amazed by the powerful tool that hypnosis is to help patients.

He has a private practice in the suburb of Paris mostly in anxiety, depression, phobia stress, smoking addiction and chronic pain.

He has a passion for transmission and enjoys sharing this passion whether in conferences, training or writing.

He is president of the AFHYP (French Hypnosis Association)

He wrote articles for the book review of the Milton Erickson newsletter while living in the USA.

He authored two chapters of the book “Introduction to hypnosis” under the direction of Dr. Charles Jousselin. He is also on the board of the French magazine “Hypnose et thérapies brèves” since 2015, where he is in charge of the “great interview” section.

Having been elected to the Board of the ESH in Manchester 2017, he is committed to develop the recognition of hypnosis in Europe, and reinforce its credibility by grounding hypnosis on the most advanced scientific basis. He is also committed to foster exchanges with the different constituent societies of the ESH and helps them in any possibilities that they need.

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